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We believe that anyone can cultivate a beautiful outdoor space for
their home with the right information at the right time. With
unparalleled expertise, helpful content, and integrated technology,
we are revolutionizing the way people connect with their gardens.

How the app works.

HIW1aIdentify plants, pests and diseases using our app HIW2aReceive 1-on-1 feedback from an expert in your region HIW3aGet tailored checklists and alerts unique to your garden HIW4aKeep you engaged with news, trends, and insights


Garden smarter with premium membership.

Picture1Monthly app credits
Send up to 10 photos a month to our experts for identification and feedback.
Picture4Access to members-only content
Learn from the best experts the gardening world has to offer through articles, videos, and more.
Picture2Expert-monitored community forum
Engage with experts and other enthusiasts in a helpful, supportive environment.
Picture5Regional weather and pest alerts
Know the threats to your plants based on your geographical location.
Picture3“My Garden” profile
Create a custom profile for your personal garden.
Picture6Personalized plant care
Pick the topics you want us to tell you about.

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experience1The Experience
We believe that anyone can cultivate a smarter garden with the right information and at the right time. Garden Compass puts a wealth of information at your fingertips and empowers you to easily find the solutions to your gardening needs.
new-media-award1The Technology
Our award-winning app connects you with expert online content that is customized to your unique gardening needs and geographical location. How convenient is that?
HP-Spacer-TestThe Experts
Our experts are a diverse community of passionate garden and landscape professionals that include published authors, bloggers, garden talk show hosts, nursery growers and retailers, certified Master Gardeners, horticultural instructors and researchers.
library1The Library
Our curated digital library makes it easy to find the information and products you need to grow and maintain your best garden. Members have exclusive access to articles and guides written by gardening experts from around the world.