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Catharanthus Soirée

It’s easy to be COOL with plants this HOT!   Catharanthus_Soiree_Beauty_ImageThe Catharanthus Soirée® Series are the hottest, the coolest and the most heat tolerant flowering plants on the market! These outstanding plants have an amazing summer habit with a stunning floral display in vibrant hues of whites, pinks and purples. The dark foliage makes the flowers pop in any setting but what’s even more impressive is how nicely these plants fill out a landscape. They’re also perfect for containers and hanging baskets, standalone or in combinations. Don’t be afraid to mix these with other varieties, as they mix well with others. The Soirée® Series includes Soirée® Crown, Soirée® Double and Soirée® Kawaii, giving you choices and tons of flower power this season. Soirée® Crown have gorgeously ridged petals shaped like a queen’s crown, Soirée® Double have two distinct layers of frilly petals, and Soirée® Kawaii are cute micro blooming Catharanthus. These beauties all enjoy full sun in zones 8 – 11 and will light up any garden.  

Catharanthus_Soiree_Crown_Rose_thSoirée® Crown Rose
Catharanthus_Soiree_Crown_Pink_thSoirée® Crown Pink
Cathranthus_Soiree_Double_Pink_thSoirée® Double Pink
Catharanthus_Soiree_Double_White_thSoirée® Double White
Catharanthus_Soiree_Double_Orchid_thSoirée® Double Orchid
Catharanthus_Soiree_Kawaii_Coral_thSoirée® Kawaii Coral
Catharanthus_Soiree_Kawaii_Lavender_thSoirée® Kawaii Lavender
Catharanthus_Soiree_Kawaii_Pink_thSoirée® Kawaii Pink
Catharanthus_Soiree_Kawaii_Pure_White_thSoirée® Kawaii Pure White
Catharanthus_Soiree_Kawaii_Pink_PeppermintSoirée® Kawaii Pink Peppermint


EuroAmerican Propagators

EuroAmerican’s plant varieties are Southern California-grown for “Better Plants from Better Light”. From the beginning, our #1 plant brand Proven Winners has set EuroAmerican Propagators apart. Today, we are a house of brands with over 20 years of experience, producing premium annuals, perennials, grasses, shrubs, succulents, tropicals, and poinsettias.