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Ocimum Balsamic Blooms™

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Basil Bliss

Balsamic Blooms™ is truly a game changer! It is completely edible with flavors ranging from mint-blooms to soft, sweeter basil leaves. It tastes as good as it looks! This basil continues to produce soft foliage during and after blooming without becoming brittle and dying off. It’s deep purple blooms are simply fabulous and last for weeks. These beauties are easy to grow and are gorgeous outdoors in landscapes, containers, or as a centerpiece on your patio table. You can place your basil in containers and move them inside in the winter. Create a little basil bliss any time of year in a container in your kitchen window or as a centerpiece at your favorite sunny location. These gems have a mounding habit and reach a height of between 12 and 18 inches and a width of between 18 and 24 inches.

Pesto Sauce Recipe

2 cups fresh Balsamic Blooms™ leaves, packed 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese 1/2 cup olive oil 3 tablespoons toasted pine nuts or walnuts 3 cloves garlic finely minced   Blend together to make a paste and serve over pasta. Enjoy!

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EuroAmerican Propagators

EuroAmerican’s plant varieties are Southern California-grown for “Better Plants from Better Light”. From the beginning, our #1 plant brand Proven Winners has set EuroAmerican Propagators apart. Today, we are a house of brands with over 20 years of experience, producing premium annuals, perennials, grasses, shrubs, succulents, tropicals, and poinsettias.