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EuroAmerican’s plant varieties are Southern California-grown for “Better Plants from Better Light”. From the beginning, our #1 plant brand Proven Winners has set EuroAmerican Propagators apart. Today, we are a house of brands with over 20 years of experience, producing premium annuals, perennials, grasses, shrubs, succulents, tropicals, and poinsettias.


Now, more than ever, we are curious about our end-customer’s opinion. Choose your favorite and help us decide which varieties to bring to the market!

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Balsamic Blooms™ versus ‘Pesto Perpetuo’

Which basil is best? Either way, you can have your basil and eat it too.

Balsamic Blooms™

Balsamic Blooms™ is truly a game changer! Not only is it completely edible, but it grows leaves and blooms simultaneously without becoming bitter tasting. The deep purple blooms of this basil are simply fabulous, lasting for weeks and are pollinator magnets. With flavors ranging from minty blooms to soft sweet basil leaves, this has everything you could need. Balsamic Blooms™ are a decorative and culinary delight. It’s long lasting blooms are great for landscapes, containers and gardens. You can always plant your basil in containers and move them inside, especially in the winter, to enjoy a little indoor basil bliss.


Full Sun, Zone 9-11, 12 to 18 inches

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‘Pesto Perpetuo’

If the fragrance of ‘Pesto Perpetuo’ doesn’t grab your attention, then the beautiful mix of light edged foliage will. Boasting aromatic lime green leaves with thin white margins, they are more than just a beautiful sight. This variegated basil plant makes a great addition in the garden as well as in the kitchen. Enjoy the taste of basil with a hint of lemon in culinary uses like a classic pesto sauce or use as an attractive garnish, potpourri and more. Grow it outdoors in full sun for the warm months of the year and bring it indoors in winter by a sunny window. Unlike most basils, it is true to its name and will act as a perennial rather than an annual herb.


Full Sun, Zone 9-11, 18 to 24 inches

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