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Sweet Summertime Sunbathers™ – Aglow in your Garden

Sunbathers™ are colorful heat tolerant varieties that thrive when Mother Nature turns up the heat. You can have the advantage when the sun sizzles by choosing from these heat-hardy, sun-loving varieties. With natural SPF these dazzling additions to your outdoor space are sure to shine in the sun! Enjoy the sweet summertime with these aglow in your garden!


Check out some of the Sunbather™ collection standouts for your summer planting inspiration.

Gomphrena Pink Zazzle®

Full Sun/ Zone 8-11/ 8 to 16 inches


This variety is sure to dazzle. Pink Zazzle® boasts ping-pong sized pink flowers that last several weeks each. They can be enjoyed in an outdoor potted setting as well as a sunny indoor location. A little water goes a long way with this gem.

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Kniphofia Rockette® Yellow

Full Sun/ Zone 6-9/ 18 to 24 inches


Lemon yellow blooms make these really pop. The Rockette® Series are favorites of nectar feeding wildlife, especially hummingbirds and butterflies! Other colors you will love in the Rockette® series are Ivory Bicolor, Orange and Peach. These continuous bloomers shoot out flower spikes from their grasslike foliage all season long.

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Ptilotus Platinum Wallaby

Full Sun/ Zone 9-11/ 12 to 24 inches


This beauty is noted and admired for its unique, long-lasting pink flowers with purple undertones. Platinum Wallaby requires little water and maintenance and is sure to wow you with it’s exceptional, season-long performance.

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Lantana Tropical Temptation Mimosa™

Full Sun/ Zone 9-11/12 to 18 inches


Sunshine makes this Lantana glow. Extravagant purple-yellow bicolor blooms form balls of color above the bright green foliage. Try this and other Lantana varieties to keep your garden in bloom when the temperatures rise.

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Cuphea Vermillionaire®

Full Sun to Part Shade/ Zone 9-11/ 18 to 28 inches


With abundant yellow orange flowers all season long, this is a great hummingbird attractor. Warm gardens with bright light are best for this heat lover. Vermillionaire® does not require a lot of water, but water regularly until it has grown a bit.

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Salvia Golden Delicious

Full Sun to Part Sun/ Zone 9-11/ 12 to 24 inches


It may be called Golden Delicious, but this butterfly and hummingbird haven smells like pineapples. Gorgeous bright tubular flowers bloom late against the bright yellow foliage. Golden Delicious is both water-wise and heat-tolerant.

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Cuphea Mellow Yellow

Full Sun to Part Sun/ Zone 8-11/ 8 to 12 inches


Mellow Yellow has unique yellow blooms. It is a vigorous, continuous bloomer, heat tolerant and versatile. It will add sizzle to your combinations or landscape. Mellow Yellow is a butterfly and hummingbird oasis.

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